Vastu shastra

Vastu solutions for residential house

It was written 5000 years ago, is part of a vast Vedic knowledge. ‘Vastu’ residence, if that ‘science’ means scientific article – Design and construction of houses by the rules of the science of nature is eternal.

In this direction, “Kuber” governed by. Best direction in which the young couple, the more valuable objects, important documents, cash, jewelery etc. This can help save

Vastu office solutions 

In order to get a good profit margin is built primarily of office of all the successes, the controller maintains the system. Vastu complaint to the Office of the flow of positive things, keeps in good condition and helps to make a business successful. 

Vastu principles while building the most diverse campuses will follow. Due to the high price, the price is worth taking for the most part, uses the highest place.

Vastu solutions for industrial businesses 

Must be produced in order to increase, and therefore the movement of finished goods. If you followed the principles of Vaastu, higher production, increased sales, labor and does not cause any problems to the smooth work. Well structured on the basis of a factory owner is likely to be able to offer the full range of contentment, health, peace, employees and workers. 

The factory will be built on the success of the factory site and the primary feature is a contributing factor. Ittuvatakum profitability of each business’s main goal, however, this goal can not be achieved if one or the other reasons one might suspect vastu. Vastu site of the plant by analyzing the issues fully and correctly identify it helps with aggressive therapy.

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