Exterior Design

An exterior elevation drawing is analogous to a photo showing what each side of the house looks like from the outside. The drawing provides the architect with key information about the building heights – overall roof height, windows, doors, decks, etc. The Standard level of detail option also shows the ornamentation and trims which distinguish the building’s architectural style.

Exterior Front Elevation could be based on various conditions like:

  1. Environmental condition of house design location
  2. Temperature variability in house design location.
  3. Usage of house owner.
  4. Location of Plot i.e. in village are, in town, in govt. planned societies, Builder planned societies etc.
  5. Rules and regulation of local authorities.
  6. Security and safety of house owner.

Exterior front elevation can be categorized in several elevation designs:

  1. Traditional House Elevation
  2. Modern House Elevation
  3. Contemporary House Elevation
  4. Garage House Elevation
  5. Cottage House elevation

Exterior front elevation can be categorized in various design types:

  1. Simplex House Elevation
  2. Duplex House Elevation
  3. Triplex House Elevation
  4. Independent House Elevation
  5. Bungalow House elevation
  6. Entrance Gate
  7. Verandhah
  8. Car Parking

The front elevation feature can often emphasize a style and ensure the character of a house. In minimalist traditional homes you will find both the entrance door and most interior doors in a panel design.

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